Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Activity Versus Productivity

With some many types of media ads in our faces, coupled with family, work and our personal lives  remaining focus  can be challenging.  In the midst of all the distractions we need to heighten our awareness as to not confuse activity with productivity.At the end of the day if we ask ourselves out of all the activities done how much  was positive or purposeful, we may get a clear picture of activity versus productivity.


  1. God had me a word about this same scenarion a few years age, He said "Captivity of Activty". Just always spinning your whells to feel voids, especially in the church. You have to be on this board or that one, but never really being productive and/or in the will of God. Katrina

    1. Hi Katrina,
      Sorry it has taken me nearly two years to respond to your comment which is really on point. Truth be told I lost site oi this blog spot. Perhaps will get more into it this year. Blessings to You!